Thor: The Dark World
Alanna - Age 15
Thor: The Dark World is a Marvel movie sequel to Thor. It is a great action film that brings you through a roller coaster ride in the dark world. After Thor’s victory on earth he goes back to Asgard to bring peace back to the nine realms. After being left stranded by Thor for two years, Jane Foster moves on leaving everything behind relating to Thor. But when Jane’s intern gets a reading off of one of the devices that has been left alone, Jane once again finds herself getting readings from Thor. In an attempt to find what is causing the problem on the device, Jane goes through a mysterious portal that changes everything! From that point on Jane, the Asgardians, and the people of earth are all in danger from a force with a dark past. It is up to Jane, Thor, and even the help of Thor’s evil brother, Loki, to save all of Asgard, the nine Realms, and earth.
The Lightning Thief
Brendan - Age 13
The movie The Lightning Thief was a great movie. The book was also very good. My favorite part of the movie was when they are going to the museum and the teacher turns into a monster and Percy fights her with the sword pen. The Lightning Thief caught my eye when I first saw it. It looked very interesting and it was recommended to me by my teacher. I wish I still read the books.
The Lightning Thief
Anthony - Age 12
The Lightning Thief was a really good movie. It was really exciting and had a lot of action to it. The acting was really good and the story was really amazing. 
Napoleon Dynamite
Kyree - Age 14
My review is on the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It was a great movie, because it had a lot of comedy in it. He was the best main character in the movie. I recommend watching this movie. You will enjoy it a lot. It was very weird and very humorous and it was very funny.