Internet Access

Internet Access

The Canton Public Library (the library) provides free access to the Internet, in accordance with the library's mission. All users of the Internet shall comply with the our Conduct and Behavior Policy.  All users of the Internet shall also comply with all relevant local, state and federal laws, as well as the Old Colony Library Network Internet Use Policy. The library makes no guarantees, implied or otherwise, regarding the factual reliability of any website or any content posted on the Internet.  Users should ask a librarian to assist in determining the quality, authority, or validity of information retrieved.


Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is provided (without encryption or Wi-Fi password) throughout the library. The Canton Public Library Internet and Wireless Acceptable Use Policy applies to all devices connected to the library network. The library is not responsible for any data loss or loss of privacy users may incur as a result of logging into or using our Wi-Fi network.

Workstations with Internet access are located throughout the building.

Children's Library

In the Children’s Library, workstations are available to users in grade school. Internet access through these workstations is filtered by third party software applications that restrict access to predetermined words and sites.  Filtering is not foolproof, and parents or guardians are responsible for the information selected and accessed. Adults are prohibited from using workstations in the Children's Library unless together with a child.

Guidelines for Workstations

A valid OCLN library account will be requested to log onto the library workstations. For patrons not in possession of their card, library staff will verify their library account and issue a guest pass for that session. Staff will assist those without a card in obtaining an account or provide a guest pass. To save time for staff and patrons alike we encourage all users to have a physical or digital copy of their library card number in their possession.

The display of graphic material that conflicts with the rights of other patrons to use the library is prohibited by our Conduct and Behavior Policy. Violations of these policies may result in loss of computer privileges and/or library privileges.

Workstations are turned off 10 minutes before the library is closed. Please plan your work accordingly.

Printing is available at the library for a fee. Please consult a librarian for current pricing and printing options. 

If a patron owes more than $15 or has more than 10 overdue items internet privileges may be blocked until the fine is paid.

This policy was voted on and approved by the Board of Library Trustees on 09/16/2019.