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Room Reservation Request Form

  1. Canton Public Library Room Rental Application
  2. CantonLibrary John Roman Drawing Small.jpg
  3. Canton Public Library
    786 Washington Street
    Canton, MA 02021
    Phone: 781-821-5027
    Fax: 781-821-5029
  4. Use this form to request a room in the library
  5. FIRST: Enter information about your organization into this form
  6. SECOND: Visit our online schedule to check room availability
  7. Fees vary by room, organizational residency, and type of organization
  8. A librarian will contact you to confirm your reservation and arrange for the collection of any fees due
  9. No room reservation is final until confirmed by the library and paid for
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  11. Will your Meeting be open to the Public?*
  12. Will you be charging a fee to attendees?*
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